The MKSA Verticle Axis Wind Turbine (VAWT) We Build The Direct Wind Future. Rated Power 2kW
A renewable energy solution for your power needs.


Direct Wind Limited is the first company to have built a Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (VAWT) in Bangladesh. The MKSA-2 is capable of generating 2 kilowatts of power. Due to its quiet operation and relatively low rotational speeds compared to horizontal axis wind turbines, the VAWT is ideal for urban and rural applications. The low rotational speed makes it safer for installing the product in populated areas. Another optimal feature of the VAWT is its multi-directional function. In other words, the blades will rotate regardless of wind direction, thereby increasing its power generation capacity all year round.

The MKSA VAWTs provide an affordable, quiet, and easily maintained low RPM wind-powered solution for your renewable energy needs. Whether for urban or rural use, the MKSA-Series is one of the least environmentally intrusive renewable energy applications. With a 4.65 sq m footprint, the MKSA-2 may be placed in a corner of the rooftop or in a garden location, taking up very little space for its installation.



The MKSA-2 VAWT can be installed on reinforced concrete roofs. The turbine is attached directly to the surface of the roof using concrete wedge anchors or royal bolts. High tension steel cables may be used to further strengthen the structure. The roof is not modified or damaged in any way. No crane is needed for the installation, making it relatively easy to install without using high-skilled labor and within a short time.

The turbine may be installed on top of residential homes, skyscrapers, commercial buildings, and on the ground at customer sites. Using this system, the turbine may also be installed in telecom towers, in parks, along highways, in industrial parks and factories, in off-grid rural locations and along coastal areas and river banks.

Direct Wind will install the unit and ensure the operation of the MKSA VAWT at cost. The customer also has the option to install the system if they so desire. We offer maintenance for the first three years for customers in the greater Dhaka area. For installations outside Dhaka, we will train local technicians or customer’s own personnel to perform maintenance.

Design Life

Design Life

Once the product is purchased and installed at the customer site, it is expected to last and provide low-cost energy for a long time. The main capital expenditure, namely the wind turbine, complete with the energy generation assembly, is built to last 20 years straight. No replacement of bearings is expected within the first 7 years. The third and last component, namely the control box is expected to last 6 years with constant use. See the Specification Sheet for a detailed description of the MKSA machine.

We welcome you to take the initiative and integrate this pioneering Bangladeshi product into your home or business.



MKSA VAWT Specification Sheet
Parameter Specification
Product Designation/Model VAWT Model MKSA-2
Product Developer Direct Wind Limited
Product Origin Bangladesh
Rated Power Output 2 kW
Maximum Power Output 2.2 kW
Function Supply electric power for grid-connected or off-grid applications using battery storage. May be configured as hybrid systems with Solar PV.
Start-up Wind Speed 2.2 meter per second
Rated Wind Speed 8.0 meter per second
Durability (Survival Wind Speed) 40 meter per second (144 km/hr)
Capacity Utilization Factor (CUF) or Output from Rated Power 10% at 3 meter per second
30% at 4 meter per second
50% at 6 meter per second
100% at 8 meter per second
Energy Transfer Off Grid Controller
Rated voltage of controller 48 volts
Number of Blades Five
Blade Material S-Glass Fiberglass
Type: Aluminosilicate glass without CaO but with high MgO content and high tensile strength
Color White or any available color of customer choice
Turbine Size 4 m (13 feet) High, 2.4 m (8 feet) diameter
Mass of Turbine 550 kg (1,212 lb) max
Footprint for Base 4.65 sq m (50 sq ft) metal base (may be modified)
Method of Installation Stainless Steel Concrete Wedge Anchor or Stainless Steel Base Plate depending on location
Structure Material BSRM X-Strong Steel
Material: ASTM 572 Grade 50
Bolts and Nuts Stainless Steel Type: A2 70
Material: 18/8 grade austenitic stainless steel
Radio-Interference None. Rotating parts are non-metal
Vibration None (no vibration)
Noise Level Silent (even at full rotation)
Maintenance Periodic cleaning with water. Quarterly lubrication of bearings.
Design Life 20 Years